What size ssd should I go with

I am only wanting to run Windows 7 home premium 64bit and world of warcraft on it? :bounce:
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  1. Bigger is better..... I can't tell ya how many builds I get back after peeps fill their 120/128 GB SSD's and then want me to clean them.

    I'd say 120/128 GB min, ideally 240/256 GB. Some of my favs:


  2. depends how much $$ you have... you could probably get away with something like 90 but those drives are pointless... this day and age I don't think you should be getting anything less than 120-128... ideally I think you should have 240-256 so you can install windows, a couple of applications, your WoW, maybe another game or two and still have some space left for your documents, music, photos etc... it also depends if you will be running the SSD alone or if you will have a secondary storage drive perma attached... the later option will allow you some leeway with a smaller ssd... but if that's your only drive, you'll probably want 240-256...
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