CPU fan gets too high

I have been facing this fan problem lately. Whenever i start any game(say battlefield bad company 2), the fans(two) speed get too high and the game gets slow after a few minutes of gameplay. FPS drops down. I wasn't facing this issue before. Its just now that i have been facing it.

My system specs
AMD phenom 2 x4 245 @ 3ghz(using stock fan)
Asus M2N68 +
4 gb ram
Nvidia GTS 250 1 GB
Windows XP service pack 3(32 bit)

Please help me
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  1. Is this your gpu coolers fans you are talking about or your gpu and cpu fans?

    Download GPU-Z or MSI Afterburner to check your cards temps under load, heatsink may need re seating.

    Also download HWmonitor to check your cpu temps under load and report back.
  2. Sorry, I am a noob at these things.
    I just got one extra fan and a heart sink(stock one). I don't know which fan gets too high. I can hear the noise very loud while playing games.
    And yea...My normal CPU temperature is 47 degrees. And while playing it rises to 61 degrees and the fan speed gets high from 4066 RPM to 5351 RPM(while gaming).
  3. Take the side off your case and find out if its the graphics card fan going mad.

    Your cpu temps seem ok, check your gpu temps.

    Whats the exact make an model of your card?
  4. Maybe it is time to clean the internals of the computer dust and lint will have a big effect on the cooling performance of the heat sinks (CPU & GPU) and the fans will speed up to compensate!
  5. Its my GPU..and i cleaned my gpu + other parts...still the problem is not solved....somebody please help me?
  6. It sounds like your GPU is overheating and since the cooler is clean then there are only two things you can do; if under warranty RMA, if not take the cooler of clean old thermal paste off and reapply with new.
  7. Try cleaning out ur instalations, try updating all drivers. And check if its the graphic card not the CPu
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