Corsair H50 need new fan ideas please?

First off Happy holidays to all:)

Ok the stock fan gave out on my H50 cooler today i have the h50 mounted on the top inside of my Thermaltake element v case pushing air out of the case. I am looking for a new fan that has very high air flow but that is not loud im going crazy with this noise.

My thermaltake element v case has 2x200mm 3x120mm color shift fans in it. its cool being able to change the color and control the main fans on the case with the built in controler but i cant take the noise anymore i want a silent case. at this moment i really dont care if it cost 100$ for 6 fans i cant deal with this.

Please if you know of any almost silent fans in these sizes let me know thanks.
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    Enermax, quiet, different airflow, leds-

    I think Antec Bigboy and Scythe S-Flex are pretty good 200mm fans.
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