Good PSU for sli 570 ?

Hi to all !!

A need a good a PSU for 2 or 3 GTX570 and Q9550 3,7Ghz...????

Any help would be greatly appreciated???
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  1. Corsair hx1000w would be a good choice. I have Enermax Revolutions and am really happy with it.
  2. Depends on budget but I would go for a top quality make. Not sure if your cpu might bottleneck 2 x 570s?
  3. As you can see a gtx 580 in sli uses under 800w and that's 100 percent loaded in furmark, In games you will never come close to that. I think a good quality 850w psu will be fine for two cards and go for the 1000w for three.
  4. 1000w for three ??? realyy
  5. Ok what do you recommend for three cards?
  6. 1500
  7. 1500,lol
  8. You do know that total system watts for two 570's will be around 500w to 650w or so right? 1000w is actually more than enough for three 570's.
  9. 1000w is fine. stick to one from antec, corsiar, seasonic, or another well-known brand with a good reputation.
  10. 100
  11. lol sorry, i changed it to 1000w i had accidentally written 100w :)
  12. some said 700.. and some said 1000,what would be the best option to run this 2 babes?
  13. 850 watts will be more then enough for 2 way sli even with advanced cooling and overclocking or just get a 750 with mild overclocking,make sure its reputable brand
  14. and how much for the rest of the sistem ??? 410 + X
  15. a good quality 550w psu can run almost any single-card setup out there. dadiggle's recommendations and subtract 50 from each. then youre about right
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