Creative Sound Blaster Audigy problem

Before I replaced the motherboard, graphics card, and processor, I had the SB Audigy [8000] version of the software for the sound card. All of the new versions I have found are [BF00]. I have the Logitech G51 surround sound speakers, and when I try to use the Gaming Matrix in-game, only some speakers will work. When I turn off the matrix, it becomes complete surround sound - It shouldn't be doing this when the matrix is not turned on. When not playing a game, the Matrix seems to work fine, however when I don't have it turned on, I still get surround sound. Again, that shouldn't be happening.

With the [8000], when you didn't have the matrix turned on, you would only be able to hear the two speakers in the front. I cannot find the [8000] version online. Does anyone have any idea what the cause of this is?

Any questions and comments are welcome.

Computer specs:

Monitor: LG E2350V
Graphics: Asus GTX 460 1GB
Motherboard: Gigabyte 870A-UD3
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 965
OS: Windows XP SP 3
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  1. it depends on the onnections and the output. if u turn off matrix while u output 5.1 then of course it is gonna become surround sound.
  2. How do I know which order the connections are suppose to be in? I have a feeling I put them in wrong in the tower.
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