Radeon HD 4870 drivers needed

I can't seem to find the right drivers for a Radeon HD 4870 1gb ddr5 PCI-E 2.0 video card. This driver I have now gives little red tint to everything
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  1. Go to ati.amd.com and download from there.
  2. has this happened to previous drivers you've installed?
  3. BTW, the driver shouldn't be causing the red tint problem. You may simply need to go into CCC to adjust your color settings. Could also be a matter of adjusting your monitor color settings. Updating your driver, in and of itself a good thing, is not likely going to solve the issue. Good luck!
  4. Or the red tinting could be a sign of your monitor begining to fail. I would do what COLGeek said first and if prob is not solved I would consider reseating the card, if the prob still persists after that, try a diff monitor if you have access to one. If the prob is then resolved on a dif monitor, then the one you are using is probably going down. If the prob continues on a diff monitor, then more than likely you have a bad video card.
  5. This happened with my old 3650, when I got a different driver for it, the red tint went away, it's not the screen cause I play xbox on it too with no red tint
  6. You should also check both ends of your video cable to make sure they are securely fastened.
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