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Cant a temp program that works

according to nvida system tools my cpu is 12C lol it that even possible

i have a amd mobo with a nvidia chip-set so it wont let me use amd overdrive any good programs that will work for me?
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  1. Did you try coretemp for core temperatures speedfan for cpu temp?
  2. Yes using coretemp right now let me post a screen shot

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    Strange coretemp is really messing this up, it should be closer to 100c Tjunction. I haven't used coretemp in a while, I would change it to Tjuction max of 100c if you can.
  4. my 9850 be ran at 30C idle how can this run at 11-13c idle my room is hotter then that. its like 70F in here lol
  5. It's just wrong, plain and simple. You can't be lower than ambient temperature unless your running phase change or similar. Even high end water can't be below ambient, water is cool but not magical.
  6. i hit 24c while playing battlefield lol that seems wrong bad comapney 2 uses all 4 cores.. what can i do to fix this lol you know more then i do
  7. Try CPUid Hardware monitor.
  8. Yeah not sure why coretemp is so off, just gonna have to try a different program,or add 30c to the temp and call it a day.
  9. nothing work it show its correct in the bios but none of the programs show the correct temp i have never had this problem before here is my setup

    athlon x4 640
    ms nf750-g55
    2xgtx 465
    8gb 1600 ram oc'd
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