64 bit or 32 bit?

I am seeking advice on what to include in a new PC system.
I intend to BUY it.
If this is not the right community for my question, I apologize.

First question:
Should I buy a 64 bit system because software is trending in that direction?

I plan to run the following software
Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
(If I get a 64 bit system, I'd run Premier on this system, otherwise, I'll run it on another system).

I haven't selected an operating system yet.
I think I need help answering my first question before I can decide which OS to buy.
I'm happy with XP. Don't really want to learn 7 unless I have no choice.
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  1. if you intent to install 4GB memory or more, use a 64-bit OS
  2. Emerald said:
    if you intent to install 4GB memory or more, use a 64-bit OS

  3. Photoshop thrives on lots of ram, particularly, more than 4gb.
    A 64 bit OS is necessary to access more than 4gb, therefore plan on a 64gb OS. Windows-7 is much better than any of it's predecessors, so I would plan on that. For most users, Windows-7 home premium will be all you need.
    There are some other advantages to 64 bit windows, increased security features comes to mind.

    The only negative to a 64 bit OS is the inability to run some old 16 bit software.

    XP is no longer supported. It is no big deal to learn W7, and you get some very nice things added.
  4. Thanks for the comments!
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