Replacing Power Supply + GPU! Easy to answer, everyone welcome!

I've done some fine Google work, browsed some answers on this forum and I think I'm ready to purchase some stuff. My own personal Christmas present :)

I have a Gateway SX2800-01, it's what I believe is called a "slim line" computer. I spilled something on it, had it checked out and found out my power supply went out. It's a delta electronics inc. 220 watt power supply, the model says DPS-220UB A.

I also wanted to upgrade my graphics card and found out that is a fine solution and confirmed by others that it works great for low profile. Yet additional vouches would still make me feel more comfortable.

I also found this power supply that I believe is compatible with my computer using the list below. The picture does look accurate. I also put in a S/N SNID and was good to go.

If I can get any suggestions or go aheads from you wonderful people, you would make my Christmas. Seriously. I have a friend who is out of town and shouldn't have a problem installing the hardware so I would like to purchase the right equipment.

Thanks to all who can help!
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  1. I believe it would work.
  2. rolli59 said:
    I believe it would work.

    That's good enough for me. I'll be ordering it tomorrow. Merry Christmas Rolli59!
  3. um, you cant run a 4650 on a 220w power supply!
    i would recommend at least a 350w.
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