Old HDD w/Win XP. Can I use this in a new pc build?

I've got an old pc that died on me(mobo) and I was wondering if I could use the HDD to build a newer pc? Saves me from buying an OS and HDD if so.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I've seen this tried: here's what you can expect.

    The HDD from your old/dead PC has XP installed
    with a number of device drivers that are specific
    to the old motherboard.

    When you wire that HDD to a new motherboard,
    XP will try to boot, but you will almost surely
    get a number of error messages about missing
    device drivers.

    XP may be able to locate the missing drivers,
    if you insert the motherboard's Support CD
    during that first boot attempt.

    Another/additional option is to try connecting
    that new motherboard and old HDD to the
    Internet as soon as possible, and then running
    Windows Update.

    Some of the missing drivers may be found
    by Windows Update.

    But, THE single most important set of drivers will be
    the chipset drivers that are unique to your new motherboard;
    those chipset drivers should come on a Support CD
    that is packaged with your new motherboard.

    Alternatively, those chipset drivers should be
    available for download from the website of
    the motherboard manufacturer.

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