What kind of graphic cards are compatible with mobo intel DG31PR?

My board is an Intel DG31PR.

I've read that all graphic cards are compatible with it, is this correct? Will DDR matter? I just want to run the GeForce GT 240 :)

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  1. Quote:
    Any gpu available will install in ur mobo.Gpu ram has nothing to do with system ram.

    I think you misunderstood me. By DDR, i meant the DDR of the GPU (DDR3, DDR5, etc)
  2. No, there won't be any problems with the type of RAM. I was recent;y enlightened (courtesy Tom's) that CPU RAM has no bearing on GPU RAM.
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    Its right graphic card memory i.e GDDR have no link with the system you can use any card provided you have a good psu to handle that card along with an good cpu.
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