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I just received a laptop for Christmas for college, and since I am a gaming enthusiast, it has a new Intel I7 processor in it. It's a i7 740QM processor, which under standard conditions clocks at 1.73. However, and where my question comes from, is where it says that using turbo boost, it reaches 2.93 ghz. I understand the concept, however my problem is that I have no idea if I am using it or not. Right now my FPS are kinda shaky, considering I'm also packing 6 GB of RAM and an ATI 5850.

Is there any way to turn on intel Turbo Boost, or make sure it's working? Or does it just turn on automatically under a stressful load?
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  1. check your bios
    you should have "turbo boost" option in there
  2. Remember a laptop 5850 is not equal in performance to a 5850 in a desktop. It will perform more on the level of a 5750 or 5770.

    Secondly turbo boos is only activated if fewer cores are used. So if an application uses only 1 core, it will overclock it to 2.9ghz, 2 core to 2.4ghz or something similar to that. If however a program uses all 4 cores, it will remain at it's default speed of 1.7ghz.
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