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hopefully i put this in the right category..anyway my husband bought me a irobot apad and it worked fine for a few days..i've had it less than a week..but now it seems to be overheating everytime i use it? It gets hot to the touch, and then the screen blanks out and i have to force it to shut down before the screen will function again. My husband contacted the person he purchased from but no reply yet. As far as i can tell there are no vents on it to let heat out. What's wrong with it? is there a way to fix this problem? Do you think a laptop cooling pad would work to fix this issue?
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  1. I'm not exactly sure what device you have or what it looks like. If there are vents across the back, any sort of intake area along the back a lap top pad may help but I am certian it shouldnt be overheating so assume something is worng internally with the device. My suggestion would be to call the company and see if they have any way to help you. Have you tried to google the issue??
    OK I googled it and there are some posts about it on page 2 of my search. What make and model is yours??
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