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My San Disk Cruzer 8gb Usb just stopped working! I tried it in various computers and they all recognize something is in the drive but I cannot pull anything off of it. All my school papers are on it. Please help!
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  1. Yet again, somebody putting valuable or important data on a pen drive when that data is not saved somewhere else. Pen drives are not reliable enough for that, as unfortunately you've discovered.

    This may help:

    Please in future save any valuable data on at least two separate storage devices or on CD/DVD.
  2. When your USB is not recognized or accessed by PC, the boot sector might have been damaged.

    1, if you have important files inside, you should find a software to get your files out of the not recognized drive.

    You may follow guide which helped me when my SanDisk Blade 4GB USB Flash Drive is not recognized by my PC and report not formatted error.

    Here it is:

    2, if you do not have important files inside, just format it. You may right click the drive for formatting, or use disk managment to format it: right click my computer icon >> go to managment >> disk management >> and you will see your usb as external >> right click to locate the format option
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