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Hey, I just installed the q9650 in my striker II forumla asus M.B. at first I figured I applied too much thermal paste, and under stressful games it went anywhere from 90-100c. So I took off the grease, did it properly (horizontal) small, thin, rice...Now when I play Metro 2033 it gets to 80-90c.

Is this acceptable for quad cores? Is it the stock heat sync? Is it the thermal grease? (Artict 5 silver)

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  1. If it helps any further, I was using coretemp to gauge temperature. My BIOS just said 72c. CPU

    **Okay also something very important, I haven't updated my BIOS...Ever. Could this be giving off false temp gauges?
  2. What's your ambient temp there? It should idle under 40+ and 60+ at full load. Are you using the stock fan? Is it seated properly? If your in doubt well you can get an aftermarket cpu cooler. Works more efficient in dissipating heat than the stock plus you can overclock that beast up to 4ghz.
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