Custom gaming rig storage help! My first pc build!

I am planning to buy the parts to build my first pc(gaming) computer and I need to know what to with for storage! I couldn't decide on a larger ssd, 2 samller ssds or one large hdd? What would be the best fore me if I use them to load games on to and some fraps videos ephere and there about 10 30min ones at 30fps.

So far on my current gaming laptop I have about 62GB worth of games on steam alone and another 27 GB on Origin for bf3 so I'm worried I'll run out of room :( Would one 128GB ssd cut it for me? Or should I get a 1TB hdd? I typically delte games though when I'm done playing the, for a while though so I could always do that.
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    I'd go minimum of 180gb and skip the hdd.
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