Server 2008 > Users can hit server but not internet.

Ok, so my boss and I are busy configuring a new Windows 2008 R2 setup atm.

We have a Netgear router ( sending internet to the server at the moment.)We've disabled DHCP on the router and enabled it on the server]

The workstations are getting a valid ip.

The scope is set to use -

The local NIC has the following configuration:

The Local NIC IP:

Default gateway is

DNS servers: (We changed to since we're pulling internet off the router.)

We can get internet on the Server itself just fine.

Our hosts can pull a valid IP off the server just fine. Funny enough, even though the server is sending out IPs to the workstations, they still can't get internet off of it.

Heres an even stranger thing: they all pull an ip of 192.168.0.x but when you check their IP they show up with no gateway.

Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP are all installed. We know Actice Directory works and DHCP works because the workstations can browse the shares on the server just fine. It's just getting internet that's the problem. Could it possibly be a configuration prioblem in the DNS settings?

We're so used to working with server 2003 we never really picked up on the new way server 2k8 does.
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  1. A few things.
    if the server IP is 0.2, then you want your DHCP scope to be 0.3 to 0.254, right?

    If the clients are showing up with no gateway info, then that is the issue. They have to know the gateway, to know where traffic outside the current subnet (in this case, the internet) goes. You need to work with your DHCP until they get gateway info.

    Also does your router handle the DNS? once you get it working, you may still have an issue going to "" if the router doesn't return IP info. Manually entering an IP might work if that's broken for you.
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