Need AMD Blu Ray compatible motherboard

So when I built this system last year I did it on a budget and with not enough knowledge.
I am still lacking in the knowledge area.
Heres my problem.
I just recently purchased a Blu Ray drive but my system will not play BluRay.
It will play regular DVD's.
I know I will have to upgrade my monitor as well. Current resolution is 1400 x 900.
What motherboard/memory do I need to play Blu Rays?

I have:

955BE cpu
500w PSU
AM2 Motherboard
Sapphire 5750 GPU
Samsung BluRay player
CoolerMaster Mid Tower Case.

Thanks for your advice.
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    Your problem has nothing to do with the motherboard.

    Check the CD that came with your Sapphire 5750. You probably have to install software to view Blu-ray movies. Also make sure you have the latest drivers installed.

    Here's the link to Sapphire's download section:
  2. Thank You for pointing me i the right direction.
    I downloaded the most recent drivers from Sapphire and AMD.
    To no avail. So I removed the 5750, downloaded a different blu ray player software.
    Now it works. When I get time I will reinstall the GPU and restest using the different software.

  3. You need BluRay software like CyberLink's PowerDVD 11 to play BR movies; I use the Ultra version. Try the Trial version ->

    If you purchased an OEM Samsung BluRay player then it typically comes with no software, but most retail BR drives do come with BluRay. It will read BR/DVD data as OEM.
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