I5 760 @ 4ghz

Hello everyone. The setup has been running stable with everything so far. I am a little worried about my temps at full stress load, so I'm posting here to ask if they're reasonable or not. CPU cooler is the Hyper 212.

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  1. Im not sure if intel test will stress it like prime95 will, but if it never gets higher than 77ish thats good. Its a little higher then the recommended 74, but it'll never reach those temperatures in real world scenarios. Nice oc!
  2. Oh the reason I use Intel burn test over Prime95 is because the stress level is higher and you can usually find out within minutes if the OC is stable, as opposed to hours with Prime 95.

    Here are the temps running under Prime95, as I said, it's a bit nicer on the CPU:

  3. Those are some nice temps. I guess it goes easier on the cpu. But like i said, its you wont ever experience that kind of stress on your cpu in real life situations, so your oc is very good. If your happy id keep it there cause your temps look good, if you can find some way to get it a couple degrees cooler you could even push to 4.2.
  4. Only noobs are happy with 4ghz....You should have just got a Phenom II if you plan to stop there.

    Do you plan on pushing her?
  5. 4GHz is fast becoming standard clock rate for Intel CPU's.. Having said that, I personally don't rate the 212 high enough to be used for such high overclocking levels.. No doubt it'll handle it but there are higher capacity coolers which will return better temps and thus higher longevity..
  6. I'm perfectly happy with 4ghz, just having a hard time finding other i5 750/760 temp results at 4ghz that aren't watercooled to compare temperatures. For example, Intel's site indicates tcase should be 73c but how do I know how much that is with my temps?
  7. At 4ghz my i5 750 is only at 73C tops with Intel Burn Test, with a Zalman CNPS10X Extreme cooler. But ambients is usually ~20-24C, which would make a difference if it's hotter where you are.

    Also, the Tcase max according to Intel is only 72C, going over that you start to risk CPU a bit.
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