What is this port?

I always make my thread a discussion because I like to see the thumbs up/down. I know this is a question.

Anyway, I recently acquired this old network card and am wondering if anyone knows what the white port that sticks out is for? The text on the metal part of the port reads "Y&R"

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. No idea... mark me for most useless post... I've seen those ports before though... hmmm....
  2. Looks like a BNC connector, never seen one on a network card before, it just carries an RF signal so i guess you could pump anything down it if you tried.
  3. Ahhh of course a BNC connector (What the hell is a BNC connector!?) I only know my basic ports, USB, DVI, VGA, Audio port (yes i call it that), and my most impressive Displayport

    yeah I should really start learning these things
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BNC_connector

    Its just an RF connector, for slightly lower frequency than the regular cable connector is built to handle. It can be converted to a more common RCA connector with a simple adapter, i hadnt seen it before i started my current co-op, so im not surprised you had never seen it before as most consumer applications tend to use RCA instead, that NIC is the first time i have seen it go with a computer.
  5. 10Base-2


    Not often that an oldtimer like me can teach Enzo anything ...

  6. ahhh... thanks hunter
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