SSD Dilemma

So I have a little dilemma, that could be easily solved, but that is why I come to the forums for help.

Anyways, I want to buy a SSD, only problem is, my PC here only has 2 hard drive bays, and they are both inhabited by hard drives in RAID 0. So, to install a SSD, I have though of 2 possible solutions: 1. Simply get a cables long enough so I can have the SSD be sitting outside of my case itself (not the best solution) 2. Get a 3.5" bay adapter for my empty 5.5" bay, and install it in there.

So I want recommendations from the people on the glorious toms hardware forums. If option 2 is my best bet, I would love if you could provide me a relatively cheap adapter. And if you have another solution, I am all ears, because I want to get my hands on some SSD goodness.
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  1. Option 2 is your best bet. Here's an adapter:
  2. Dereck47 said:
    Option 2 is your best bet. Here's an adapter:

    I figured, thanks for the link.
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