Screen not turning on!

My laptop screen went out on me. When i power it up the status light appears to be booting up normally but the screen is still dark. I've tried to hook it up to an external monitor but still no picture. What can the problem be and should I think about just getting a new laptop?
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  1. Can you post the specs and/or make and model of the laptop? Can't help if I don't know what you got.
  2. true... Acer Aspire 9410Z
  3. From the specs of your lappy its an Intel based GFX so it's probably time to replace your laptop. If it was an nvidia GFX chip I would have told you to call the manufacture since it was a huge recall. But since both the display and VGA out doesn't work. The GFX chip is gone, the warranty is gone to, and to replace the MB would be to much money. So sorry you need a new laptop.
  4. yea all the lights come on, and the status light blinks like its doing something.
  5. try pressing the fn and one of the number keys above the letters
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