What about this cooling setup?

Deciding what fans to purchase in preperation for OCing my build.

I'm considering moving somethings around a little namely the location of the radiator for my H50 cooler.

Here is the basic idea, please ignore the placement of the rad, it'll be swapped back to the stock 140mm fan than came with the case.

I'm thinking of moving the radiator away from the rear to avoid sucking in the heat exhausted from my asus HD5850 which is directly below it and gives off some major heat, and will only get worse when i get a second one. I've been looking around and have yet to see anyone using this configuration, the only one that came close had the radiator mounted on the top as well but acting as an intake (an idea im not a fan of as a radiator should have cool air passing through it not hot air thats already been passed through the system). Anyone have any input on this idea before i go ahead and order my new fans?
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  1. The H50 should be at the rear in a push/pull configuration as an intake. All the top fans should be exhaust as heat rises. Your singular intake fan on the bottom is useless int he current config because the top exhaust over it is drawing the cool air straight up and out before it ever passes over your motherboard.

    Also the 5850 is venting out into a room, the heat will immediately dissipate. Unless you keep the computer in an enclosure the rear fan should be intake for the H50.
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