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Hi guys,

I'm creating a software for my mastership program in image processing and I need to perform a sizing of a machine that my software will be running in. My software needs GPU processing so I have to test couple of GPUs before buying a new card.

I developed a test software that gathers GPU information of your hardware and saves that (including performance) in a log file.

I'm here to ask you a favor, could you please run the software on your system so I can check which video card works in my project so I can aim for the right product? This would help me a lot.

The link for the software is the following:

There is no secret to execute it, just double click and the text will become green, when all texts are green, it is done. You can check the log file generated and post it here in the forum or send me by e-mail (

Thank you all in advance,

Best regards,
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  1. not it is not, you can run a virus scan or look for the content inside of it you will see that it uses gpu software such as nona. here is online virus scan on it:
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