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Buzzing noice over Ventrillo

I have an issue that a buddy and I have had that and can not seem to find a solution for.

Basically, when we are transmitting over ventrillo while playing a game, everyone complains that it they hear a buzzing. They liken it a razor or a strong fan in the background. Or as someone mentioned, "are you shaving with that electric razor again while riding a motorcycle?"

For me the issue just started happening. He has had the issue for over a year now. It only happens when we are in a game. It happened with Black Ops for me tonight and in Black Ops and WoW for him tonight.

We both have i7-920's. I have Win 7 Ultimate 64, he has Win 7 Pro 64. We have both tried different mics. He is using on board sound and I have a Zonar D1 sound card. He has a Nvidia 275 card. I also had a 275 and never had a problem but I just upgraded to an Nvidia 460 and now have the problem. We have both overclocked our CPU's and he has tried going back to stock but that has not cured the problem. As I said, the issue is new to me today. And today I OCed again, and installed the new 460. So assuming it is something new I did, that narrows it down, but he has tried the OC or not fix and I went from his card with no issues to my card with an issue.

On my next day off I will probably try going back to my 275 and see if the issue goes away. I also see lots of posts about similar problems with suggestions to try a USB mic and other to try a non-usb mic so I assume that is not it either. However for my own sanity I will buy a usb mic and try that since the 3 mics I have tried are all 3.5 and all 3 have show the same issue.

Sorry if that sounds confusing but it kinda is. Makes no sense to me. Any suggestions?
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  1. Just slow for the holidays or is everyone just stumped? =)
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    Did the issue go away with the other video card?
  3. Actually yes. So now I have no idea why an nvidia 460 would cause a buzzing sound for others over vent.
  4. Try swapping the power connectors for your HDDs, DVD, etc. Try to use some other free connectors or swap them around and test after each move.
  5. I was having that problem too but my video card is not nearly as nice as the one one you have. I figured it was a driver or something. I did my best to update the driver, but could not find the right download to fix it.

    A friend told me to try Driver Boost and it fixed the problem. It cost about $30.00 usd, but it was worth every penny. It also updated several other drivers.
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