New build: Wait for x79?

Looking to put a new build together in the next few months. Been squeezing life out of my 7 year old MB for too long and am looking to start fresh with a box that will have decent future upgrade possibilities.

So, do I build a high(ish)-end x58 system or wait for the x79 launch? I've been out of the loop on components for several years and am just now diving back in to research for my new machine.

My plans for the rest of the build are vaguely thus:
120gb SSD SATA 6Gb/s RAID1
4tb HDD SATA 6Gb/s RAID10
16gb RAM
single GPU <$500 (would like to SLI in the future)
Intel Chipset

My main concern is buying a nice i7 hex-core and MoBo, then realizing there's nowhere to upgrade in a year or two.

Any tips/info would be greatly appreciated. The reviews and forums on this site will be invaluable in determining specific components, however, I haven't been building in so long I'm at a loss as to the current state and am therefore having a hard time moving forward until I can decide on a basic MoBo platform.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. IMO - wait for the LGA 2011 and SB-E, and I certainly with a single GPU wouldn't build on LGA 1366/X58. Currently - today, the LGA 1155 with P67/Z68 would be a better option.

    Coming in November, AKA 3 months is the Intel Core i7 Extreme 3930K, plus a few other SB-E CPUs, and for $600 it seems appealing.

    Information on the forthcoming X79/LGA 2011. It’s worth investigating and evaluate in choosing between the LGA 1155 or LGA 2011.
    Link ->
    Link ->
    Link ->
    Link ->

    footnote: Also, don't confuse SATA3 {6.0Gb/s} 'Interface' with the drive's speed; IMO you're wasting money on a HDD that's 1/2 SATA2 speed meaning it wouldn't saturate the {old} SATA 150MB/s limit. Instead RAID 10 SATA2 HDD, and keep in mind consumer WD HDD's lack TLER. I'd look at Samsung or Hitachi otherwise get enterprise WD. RAID 1 of your SSD is also a waste, simply keep your OS + Apps + Working/Copied Documents on the SSD. Loosing OS + Apps is nothing when it comes down to it.
  2. I was expecting excellent helpful advice, but that was FAST!

    I'm new to RAID (and thanks for not pointing out with a newb-flame, btw), so that advice is extremely beneficial!! Not only will it save a bundle on my HDD's, but I can now look at higher capacity SSD's in the same price-point! I was concerned that 120 might be small if I were to get into a massive amount of games.

    I'm unfamiliar with TLER, and it seems I need to read up more on HDD speeds in relation to MoBo I/O.

    I've only used WD HDD for ~ the past 10 years and am completely unfamiliar with the Hitachi and Samsung lines. Any suggestions as to models to watch out for/look out for with those brands?
  3. Apologies if I'm wandering outside this forum's purview. Ill move that last question over to the appropriate board.
  4. It's silly to fragment your questions to other parts of the forum, but it's fine to get other perspectives.

    If the plan is to install your all your games on the SSD then nope 120GB is too small, I have a 256GB C300 and I still delete stuff off :(

    TLER is error handling of the HDD (WD name), other's call it CCTL or ERC and for any RAID it's a good idea for the HDDs have that feature. See ->

    It depends upon the total size need and the RAID chosen. For example with 2TB HDD/each:

    RAID 1 - Mirror {clone} (2 x 2TB) = 2TB Capacity from 2 x 2TB
    RAID 10 - RAID 0 of 2 RAID 1; RAID 0 of 2 * (2 x 2TB) = 4TB Capacity from 4 x 2TB
    RAID 10 is 4, 6, 8...HDDs
    See ->

    For a 1TB I like Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB.

    For HDD/SSD PassMark Disk Mark ->
  5. What about the Hitachi 5k3000? I've been poking around other forums and read some positive testimonials for them in RAID 1.

    I'm sold on a RAID10 and looking at 4tb as my minimum starting capacity. I'd need an 8 slot tower for the F3's to meet that. I have 2tb now spread over 2 discs and it is near full.
  6. For $/TB storage it's very good, it's a 5900 RPM HDD. Keep in mind no HDD is a barn-burner, and it depends on what 'stuff' you are cramming on the HDD. IF it's photos, videos aka archival and few people (or yourself) are accessing the data simultaneously then it's great.

    5K3000 -
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