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Hey yall, I am new here but heres my story.

Last December I decided to update my graphics card, and make more space for it by converting my PC which was all Asus, into a bigger case and for more GFX card room. It worked like a champ for a long time, then for a little while, I started to have problems playing WoW and LoL. Everytime I'd go into the game it'd freeze and just keep freezing. I updated all of the drivers and everything seemed to be cool then it happened again. So recently I got fed up because I could hear my seagate hard drive click when it froze like it wouldn't read. That's my other issue, my hard drive never likes to read EVER, I thought it was a faulty Sata port on the hard drive so I was like okay, I'll try another one, it worked for two weeks and now today it's messed up again. I have had just about enough of this it's the most frustrating thing in the world. I have purchased a new hard drive, and that didn't seem to be the problem because the new drive is in there now and yes it still does the clicks. My theory is that the motherboard is TOAST, I mean this is unreal. My CD Drive always reads in the sata, but my HD doesn't everytime. I'm running this with Win7 Professional from my school, I don't know if that's the issue. AT this point right now, my PC is doing a start up repair disk because that's all I haven't tried with that. Anyone who can give me some advice, will be awesome. The only info I have on my PC is that it's an older Asus motherboard 3 years old roughly, and I have been trying to run an ATI Radeon 5770HD. I'm very stressed out about this, because it's the most frustrating thing in the world. The biggest thing I have a problem with besides it's not running perfectly on every start up is that in game freezing. I get really pissed because when I do have my free time, I don't even get to enjoy playing a game because of these issues.

When I can get more details on the board I would be updating this. I've legit tried EVERYTHING I have searched online and my HD has been reset a few times too in frustration. I never take it out on the PC. The reason I posted this in the motherboard section is because that's what I am starting to believe is the problem, that my HD can't run my GFX card even if it has a PCIExpress slot. The exact one for the GFX Card. I am very puzzled on this, and I'm lucky my mom's going back to school for PC repair, but she can't do much right now. Any Suggestions? This is just a very depressing issue :/

Thank you for your help in advance.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    A common problem with a GPU causing a problem under Load is the PSU. PSU's over time loose capacity from electrolytic capacitor aging so you might want to double-check it's size. Use the following PSU Calculator or post at minimum: CPU & MOBO; see -> don't forget to add 'Capacitor Aging' use at least 30%.

    Next, it's very common for folks to set ACHI in their BIOS but never check the corresponding Windows registry values. Verify the Start = 0 if AHCI in the BIOS or Start = 3 if IDE is set in the BIOS. Here's a good link, either use 'Fix It' or set the values manually; see -> and then verify in the Registry; see ->

    Afterward, select both options of SFC System File Checker, schedule and reboot. This takes 30+ minutes to complete; see ->

    However, if Windows has problems booting then use Windows Repair, insert the Windows 7 DVD and F8 while booting; see options ->

    This should get you moving in the right direction - Good Luck!
  2. Well at this point, I am thinking about bringing it to the local shop, because I have had about enough, and I'm not super techie and I'm afraid to make it worse :(
  3. I understand and good luck! :) Please let me know what they discover. I hope it's not a bad MOBO or PSU...
  4. I brought it down to the place, and After he looked at it, I figured it out, my PSU was too low to run my GFX and everything else, and i bought a new coolermaster 1000W gold and I haven't been able to try it because we have no power from the hurricane >___< but the PSU is installed :)
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