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Hi guys,
The title sais it all really, my pc is 1 year old this month and i decided its time to spruce it up a bit, so im getting a new gpu, but i dont know if theres any point upgrading from the gtx 285, id like to keep things single card if possible, and have fallen in love with 3 monitor setups, so is the 5870 the best option, or does nvidia have any 480's with 3 video ports???
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  1. its diffrent ati eyefinity setup will make you use the three screens for gaming movies and anything but i heard that the nvidia sorrund technology is only compatible with gaming unless they may realese new drivers to make it for everything and yes the hd 5870 is good for 3 screens but some games dont support eyefinity chose what you want and by the way nvidia sorround technology wont work like ati you must have 3d glasses and monitors for nvidia sorround technology i guess they want to wipe out our pockets
    good luck
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