Intel quad q9550 cpu fan mounting problems

Hello..After cleaning the fan and heatsink my problems started.. When I put the plastic pins back in the MB\'s 4 holes, it turns out that they aren\'t long enough so that all 4 can be fastend at the same time. when i pin it in on one side it has an angel from the cpu!! If I try pushing it down on the opposite side it will losen on the first side and so on.. This resulting in temperatures getting as high as 100*C when gaming.. Whats the proper way of mounting the fan and heatsink? Thx :) Rudi
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  1. Don't use the PC until you secured the heatsink! Clean the paste and put some new one. Rotate the pins so the triangle is facing the CPU.
  2. I have a q9550 as well, and I was unable to mount the stock fan. I hear problems from everyone attempting this, and the solution is to just get another cooler. You'll want one anyway to overclock that beast. I have mine running at 3.91 Ghz, and it's going to last me years.
  3. Don't run your pc or you'll shorten your Q9550's life. Better yet get an aftermarket cpu cooler, works great cooling it more efficiently plus you can overclock that at much your speed.
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