ASUS motherboard CPU FAN Is Not spining


Please help me i have a ASUS motherboard, power supply and CPU FAN is ok but when i press power sw Button CPU FAN is not spinning. in motherboard green power is on. so please help me what should i do . i check my powersupply and Cpu Fan with other pc.
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  1. hey u , did u read my question,? CPU FAN IS ok. it is working in another pc. but when i unstill cpu from board Fan spin. but i install Cpu on board than fan is not spining. so plz help me
  2. oh... sorry just read your headline ..!
    remover Power Ac from PSU , remove battery from mobo , let 15 minutes , put it
    - remove RAM clean it
    - put again baterry in mobo
    - plug power AC
    try turn on PC
  3. Two possibilities:

    1) The fan wire is interfering with the cpu cooler fan blades.

    2) The motherboard is defective, and needs to be replaced.
  4. help me hlep me , Without processor fan spin but when i put Processor then Fan can't spin , i hav a 3.06 processor , Is ASUS mobo doesn't support this processor 3.06 ????
  5. get new Fan CPU or get after market cooler use it,
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