Want to build a new PC desktop (for gaming only)

I'm looking to build a desktop have components that used high-end system, and of course for gaming only. And I need everyone's opinion to know what components that I am looking for to build a gaming PC.
The range can be 500 to 1000, even though I said this but I'm still a student so please don't give me some hard core components or super professional.
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  1. Approximate Purchase Date: don't know yet !!

    Budget Range: 500-1000$

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: for gaming mostly, and may be surfing Internet

    Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, speakers.

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg.com, tigerdirect.com......

    Country of Origin: USA

    Parts Preferences: for this one I still don't know, so that's why I need help.

    Overclocking: Maybe

    SLI or Crossfire: Yes

    Monitor Resolution: 1280x1024

    Additional Comments: Well of course, I would like a quiet PC. Beside that, well depend on what you guys will give me. :)
  2. If you don't have a set purchase date, Id say wait a month or 2 for the new wave of hardware coming out.
  3. Motherboard: ASRock 870 EXTREME3

    Cpu + OS Combo (Phenom II 955 + Windows 7)

    Case + Ram Combo (LIAN LI Lancool PC-K58W + G.Skill 4GB Ripjaws 1600)

    PSU + Hard Drive Combo (Corsair 650W + Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB)

    Video Card: GIGABYTE HD 5770

    DVD Burner: Asus 24x ($19)

    Total: $749 before taxes and shipping + $30 mail-in rebates

    Your resolution isn't that high, you could get another 5770 later and do crossfire or just go for an hd 5850 now for about $100 more if you're planning on getting a new hd monitor.
  4. While I'm surfing web, I confronted this monster.....What do you think about it:

    EVGA X58 SLI Classified Motherboard
  5. Definitely shouldn't spend that much on a Mobo, unless you have a $2000+ budget, youll be wasting money.

    As long as its the same chipset, performance would be virtually identical.
  6. Well, I will gonna have 2 weeks vacation coming up. So if you could help me, provide with some.....well, "good" components. And I will spend all my vacation to build it :)

    Thanks in advance !!!
  7. ^ IMO yesitsmario's build is well suited for your needs...
    I would change the card to any of these -
    They give you a 16GB pen drive free along with a discount on the card -
  8. Would you think mid-tower is good enough, or full tower?

    Which one do you prefer?

    and one more question: Is cooler master too popular? because most of the cases that i look up are unavailable :(
  9. ^ A Mid-tower would suffice for such builds, also that Lian-Li is a very good quality...
    If going with multiple high-end cards such as 2 or 3 HD 5870s, 2 HD 5970s, then Full Tower, else a Mid Tower would do...

    Cooler Master are very popular in cases, coolers and have some good PSUs too... and what case are you looking for??
  10. Gigabyte GTX 460

    Can you have a look at this one for me. Don't worry about the monitor, I will gonna buy a new one soon.
  11. GTX 460 is a very good card,...
    But as you have not yet confirmed your purchase date yet, I would suggest you wait before choosing the graphic card as ATI is set to launch their HD 6xxx series by October...
  12. http://www.directron.com/stct01uw.html
    these are the 3 cooler master cases that I had a look at, and all was unavailable
  13. Ok, well I will wait for a while until then. But hope that it's not gonna expensive !!!
  14. ^ The HD 67xx series would be priced around $199 or less as that is the price range for a Mid range card...
  15. LOL.....I'm gonna be waiting for a long time until 6870 or 6850 coming out. ^^

    Well, let's just hope it's worth the time waiting for it.....Andy by then, I will compare it with GTX 460 again, because I still love GTX 460 very much. :)

    And beside this, do you have any components that you would like to recommend it with me beside the build of yesitsmario.

    I have some components that I have in mind that I would like to put it in my new build, but I think it probably would not work. But I will post it in anyway, in my weekend and let you have a look at it. So maybe you could help me understand about them a little more.

    Thanks in advance !!! :)
  16. I have a question: do you think i should make a RAID for my PC
  17. ^ Well if you will be doing a lot work involving high i/o, then go RAID else for a normal user I doubt it would be of any good use...
  18. Well, for what i know that RAID 5 can use parity checking and increase the performance, but it requires 3 drives and recognize them as only one drive. so I'm thinking of should I or not doing RAID
  19. ^ Simply put, for gaming and other regular stuff, you wont need RAID...
  20. So if your MOBO support SATA, it doesn't matter if your MOBO have IDE or not right ?

    And is it easy to use install a MOBO with no IDE ?

    And thanks for your answer, i don't have to worry about the RAID now.
  21. ^ IDE currently is used mainly for Optical drives, but if you go with a SATA optical drive, then there is no need of the IDE on the mobo...
  22. Awesome....Thanks !
  23. Can you help me search for a MOBO that is the similar with the one yesitsmario recommended. But with the only different is that it support SLI not CrossFireX.

    Thanks in advance

    P/S: I'm trying to search for one similar like that, but don't have any luck yet
  24. ^ SLI with AMD might not be as good as Crossfire for AMD,...though there are SLI boards, but I would suggest you to stick with Crossfire if going with AMD...
    If you want SLI, then Intel would be a better option...
  25. Ok, thanks a lot for your suggestion. I will try to stick with AMD board for a while and see how it's going.
    Because at the same time, I just found out that I'm like AMD than Intel, just because Intel went too fast for me to catch up.....I will go with something simple then.

    And thanks again for all your great answers....If I come across something weird, I will post it in here :P, and hope you can help me :)
  26. Sorry but can you help me with this one. It kinda out of topic. But you know how computer running very heavy and give a really loud noise when it running a large program or application, and use up to almost 50% CPU usage. Is it a bad news for me?
    Is there anyways to improve it and make it run more smoother and less heavy. In my opinion, i think it is because of the fans. It ran my 3D games, and it look totally fine, the game is running really smooth without freezing or anything. Is it have anything to do with graphic card.....and this is the computer i'm talking about: eMachine T5212, in case you want to check it out, it really old already. In case, if you could help me, just told me and I will post more, there are some parts in it I upgraded
    Sorry it kinda out of topic, but hope you can help me.

    P/S: I will try to post my ideal build in here soon. Hope you can help me until then

    Thanks for everything
  27. ^ It is most probable that the CPU is running hot because of the load and the fan runs at higher speeds to cool it, which results in loud noise,...
    Also the Pentium Ds are pretty old now and also weren't that good even during their time...
  28. So could I change anything to make it like "normal" and not like running so crazy like that. Or may be a new MOBO and a new normal graphic card for it, otherwise all the remain stuff are all have been upgraded and new.
    This is my dad computer which he bought it like long time ago (who-know-when). So I had research and heard a lot of not really good news about eMachine(their graphic card) and Pentium Ds
    So I hope you can give me some suggestion of may be change it even a little bit.
    P/S: the MOBO is definitely old-old.
  29. ^ Well why not upgrade the CPU and the mobo which supports DDR2, so that you can reuse the RAM ?
  30. Then can you help me to find the CPU and mobo for it, don't have to be expensive. Just a little bit better than the old one. Well, and most importantly, cure the CPU usage, I will try to do anything to let it down and more smoother.

    Model: Intel Pentium 4 w/ Hyper Threading (Intel Pentium 4 3.4 GHz Processor)
    Core: Prescott

    So this is the CPU that I'm looking at, just have a look at it. If you have anything better please suggest me. And help me find a mobo also, because I'm hopeless with mobo, I just can't find the one with descent price.
    Beside because i'm still saving money for my new build :)
  31. Ok, thanks. And yes, I checked my PC on Crucial, and it said my computer can hold DDR2 PC2-5300 with a maximum of 1GB per slot. It too weird for this old computer to have so many good thing. The other day I checked to see what DirectX does it had, and it said DirectX 11, and still the graphic card is too crappy for DirectX 11. I also never upgrade its graphic card before, just an old card in a normal PCI slot

    And btw, I wanna ask, you can only get DirectX from install the graphic card right?
  32. The CPU you found for me is the beast i would say and also cheap.
    What concern me is the mobo. Just hope it will fit into the case.
    But anyways, thanks a lot I'm buying the CPU now :)
  33. ^ ASRock boards are of decent quality and good for day-to-day usage,...
    As for fitting that board is a mATX, so I guess it would fit that case...
  34. Awesome, thank you very much.
    And what about CPU cooler?
    Can I choose this one:

    Or I could just re-use my old cooler

    And I probably would also need a new power supply, because the one I'm using right now is only 160W max
  35. ^ Cooler for the above CPU?? It comes with a stock HSF and IMO that would suffice for stock speeds...
    PSU - this would be good enough -
  36. Yeah, the cooler for the above CPU. So, you say I also don't need to buy a seperate cooler for CPU ?
    And I almost bought that PSU, It look so fine to me, but because of my old PSU don't have switch on PSU so the case doesn't have a hole for the switch.
    So is there anyways, like I can make a hole on the case.
  37. ^ Is this the PC you have ?
    See if removing the screws removes that plate...
  38. Yes, the photos described exactly how my PC look.
    You mean remove the whole plate that on the back of the PC
  39. Oh, wait! I think it's gonna be fine.
    I will just measure the size again and then I will gonna buy it. :)
    Well, anyways thanks a lot. You gave me such a great help (and got me out of whole lots of trouble in finding the parts)
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