Upgraded Motherboard, Computer Won't Boot


Thought that with an OEM copy of windows, I could at least get into Windows long enough to install the chipset drivers. However, I cannot even get it to get to the Setup screen.

When I turn on the computer, everything lights up, but the monitors (which are not in sleep mode) stay black. I can hear stuff spinning, but nothing happens. One drive has VISTA installed - one has Windows 7. There are 3 drives installed total.

Motherboard MSI - Series 9 chipset
Processor - Phenom 2 3.2 6 core
16 gigs RAM
Vista Home (Do not want this to boot)
Windows 7 Home Premium

Not sure what all else specs you need, but really want to fix this as a present for my fiance. Please help asap!
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  1. seem you need clear install OS
  2. You could try booting into SAFE mode, then removing all the motherboard drivers, and installing the new ones... But a clean install would be safer..
  3. I can't even get it to the BIOS - its just a black screen D:
  4. check installation again
    - power connector
    from psu to motherboard
    - and sure your cpu secure properly
    - ram properly in slot ( try use 1 stick for checking )
    - try turn on pc see light debug
    Try turn on pc not use hdd if you can you get bios ?
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