How hot is too hot for i5-760 and GTX 460?

While idle, my core temperatures were 47, 46, 48, 44 C for the i5-760 and 40 C for the Zotac GTX 460 1 GB. The temperature outside is 22 C.

In Prime95 stresstest, the cores were 83, 85, 81, 81 after 2-3 minutes, so I stopped the test.

In Starcraft 2, the cores are 60-70 C and the GPU is 70-77 C

The system components are:

cpu: i5-760 with stock fan/thermal paste, fan snapped in well
mobo: Gigabyte ga-p55a-ud3
ram: corsair dominator 2x2 gb 1600 mhz
gpu: zotac gtx 460
sound: soundblaster x-fi
psu: antec trupower blue 750watt
hard drive: samsung he103uj - runs at 27-30 for temp
case: haf 922

Are these temperatures acceptable?
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  1. If you havn't overclocked anything, those temps are bad.

    Reseat the heatsink properly and reapply thermal paste.
    My i5 750 @ 3.61ghz idle at 33 degree and full load 49. The stock heatsink isn't that bad for no overclock, those temps are high.

    For the gpu it seems alright. Hdd temps are fine too.

    Try decreasing the voltage of your stock clock, you may lower as well your temps.
  2. If you aren't overclocking the i5 760, then you could try lowering the voltage, to see if it will run stable at a lower voltage. This would lower temperatures. The same goes for if you are overclocking it. Only lower it in small increments though.

    Check your RAM configuration - it is possible that the RAM is getting too much volts too? Di you set up the BIOS yourself? Did you use default values for everything?
  3. I'm new to computer building so I'm not sure what the volts can be set to for the CPU. I did set the ram voltage to 1.65, which is the right voltage for the corsair dominator. The computer randomly freezes if that one is lower. Everything else is set to Auto, I think.

    In CPUID Hardware Monitor the volts right now are:
    CPU VCore: 1.25
    VIN1: 1.66
    +3.3V: 3.41
    +5V: 5.11
    +12V: 1.02
    -12V: -12.42
    +5V VCCH: 3.63
    VBat: 3.23
  4. It is the stock cooler it is horrible and the temps are not out of the ordinary, they are to high but not out of the ordinary.
    Most people with an i5/i7 that I have seen with the stock cooler have temps about the same as you some a little higher and some a little lower.
    You can try to re-apply thermal paste and re-apply heatsink but you will probably get about the same results.
    I would suggest an aftermarket cooler as I have yet to see anybody with decent temps on the stock cooler.

    The Hyper 212+ is probably the best budget cooler.

    If you have the money the Prolimatec Megahalems is one of the best.
    2 Cooler Master fans.

    The voltages look good you might lower the vcore to 1.2 and see what happens but it isnt going to lower temps significantly if at all.
    And make sure C1E, EIST, and C3/C6 are enabled. [:bohleyk:1]
  5. I bought the Cooler Master Hyper 212+. My core idle temps are 35-40 C and the highest temperature a core reached in a 30 minute prime95 test was 63 C. The second I stopped the test, they were down to the 40's. So from the stock fan, it's almost a 10 C difference idle and 20 C difference under a lot of stress. Only downside I see to this cooler is the size because it covers one of the RAM slots on my ga-p55a-ud3 mainboard. But hopefully 40 C idle and 60 C stress is acceptable! Thanks
  6. I have a Hyper 212 on my i5 760. Idle is upper 30s, max temp under prime was 51. I have mine positioned with the fan blowing air up and out the top of an Antec 900 case. The heatsink fins cover the first RAM slot, but are high enough I could install a RAM without tall heat spreaders (that and the low voltage are why I picked Gskill Eco RAM) underneath if I remove the heatsink first.

    Hyper 212 is tons better than the stock cooler and not very expensive.
  7. Hm I wonder why my Prime95 was at 63 C max then... For your thermal paste, did you do the X or the spread? and how tightly do you have the screws for the metal X part holding the heatsink down? I wasn't sure how tight I should make it but it doesn't wiggle. I could also try the blowing air to the top instead of to the back like yours
  8. I ran goo along the seams then used plastic wrap to spread it thin.

    I screwed it down basically all the way tight.
  9. Did you guys overclocked at all ? Or those temps are stock ?

    If so, try to undervolt the cpu, those temps are the same as my i5 750 overclocked to 4 ghz.
  10. abswindows7 said:
    Did you guys overclocked at all ? Or those temps are stock ?

    If so, try to undervolt the cpu, those temps are the same as my i5 750 overclocked to 4 ghz.

    You turned turbo off? Im just auto-OC at 3.1 with turbo on. I built mine last weekend and just let the bios ez-overclock thing give me a little boost. It gave a voltage boost which is probably unnecessary. Someday Ill go in and see if I can hit 3.4 with Turbo on. Thats the most I plan on OCing it. Im running Coretemp and can see the i5 turbo working; its a pretty nice feature that saves heat & power when idling but gives good performance in the games I play.
  11. All hte i5 750 in the world should be working at 3.6ghz @ 1.16 vcore :)
    100% stable, undervolted and overclocked :)
  12. Surprised nobody mentioned this, but your fan setup could be responsible as well. List where your fans are and whether they are intake/outtake.
  13. Yes I did turn turbo off.

    I agree, what is your computer case ?

    How many fans ?

    As I said, try to undervolt your cpu and overclock to 3.6 ghz :) I only do 4ghz for the round number, I will go back to 3.6ghz soon :) I don't like to game with my cpu at 50 degrees... I prefer it 40 :)
  14. I'm using the HAF 922 case, the stock fans include one blowing air into the case from the front, and then two blowing air out of the case from the top and the back.

    After a few days of using the system with the Hyper 212 Plus, it's about 35-40 C idle, and in SC2 it increases to 50-52 C. The GTX 460 goes upto 79 C.

    I've never changed the volts on a processor. Are you talking about the CPU VCORE 1.25 V?
  15. If it's not overclocked and the vcore is at 1.25, lower it to 1.12 or something similar and run an occt so check for stability.

    You may want to add an extra fan on the side that blows fresh air on your cpu and gpu.
  16. In CPUID Hardware Monitor, it has Intel Core i5 760 Temperatures 39 C, 37 C, 39 C, 35 C, right? In Gigabyte EasyTune6 it has System 41 C, CPU 28 C... are you guys using a CPU temp or a Core temp? Just making sure we're all using the same one!
  17. I use hwmonitor...

    Core temp give me approx same temps (+-1degree)

    I'm just telling you to play with the volt, because those temps/vcore are the same I use for my overclocked i5 ...

    If you are using stock clock (ie 2.8ghz) lower the vcore to let say as a start 1.1 volt.

    If you reach windows, open right away occt and torture your cpu. If it reports errors, reboot up the vcore a notch and go back to windows.

    It will lower your temps and you could probably overclock it if you know how :)

    i5 750 is an amazing overclocker !!
    3.6ghz : 1.16 vcore idle 30-burn 50
    4.0ghz : 1.30 vcore idle 40-burn 60 ( I havn't had enough time to play with vcore but 1.3 is 100% stable so I may try to reduce it a little more :))
    Cool It Eco :)
  18. triplej said:
    In CPUID Hardware Monitor, it has Intel Core i5 760 Temperatures 39 C, 37 C, 39 C, 35 C, right? In Gigabyte EasyTune6 it has System 41 C, CPU 28 C... are you guys using a CPU temp or a Core temp? Just making sure we're all using the same one!

    Use the core temps.
    That being said your core temps really arent that bad, like abswindows7 said try dropping vcore to 1.1v.
  19. The temps are good in fact, but you can get them to drop a good 5-10 degrees easy if you find the lowest voltage required to fully power your cpu.
  20. I've got a 750 with the Hyper 212+, both in an Antec 900, and my idle temps are ~30 with load temps never exceeding 50. And that's with my terrible cable management lol. Would highly recommend the Hyper 212+.
  21. @stock ?
  22. Yes, I am planning on overclocking it though, maybe today.
  23. Lower your voltage :) stock can run around 1.00v :)
  24. Ha, I'm trying to OC it now according to the i5 750 efficiency article Tom's did:,2500-3.html

    And my SpeedStep/Turbo disable after 2.98 GHz, whereas Tom's can get theirs to 3.2 GHz before Turbo doesn't work anymore.

    Very frustrating.
  25. I'm in my CMOS right now on the gigabyte ga-p55a-ud3 and in advanced voltage settings it has CPU vcore 1.08750v but the actual voltage is 1.248v. CPU temp 34, pch temp 39
  26. I enabled C1E, EIST, and C3/C6. I also changed the CPU VCORE to 1.1. In CPUID HW the CPU VCORE says 1.07 V. After doing this, the idle core temps are 29-34 from 35-39 and the Prime95 Torture Test temperatures are 47-50 from 61-63.

    Only weird things that have happened since the change are one time the computer froze at the windows login screen, and another time coming out of sleep mode it was froze as a black screen, so I restarted and it said "restoring windows" instead of "starting windows". But these freezes could have been from something else.

    On the HAF 922 case I was thinking of putting a fan on the bottom blowing air in. And on the side panel, it can fit one large or two small fans so I was thinking about trying out two small ones with the bottom blowing air in and the top one blowing air out. Maybe it would help the video card a little.

    You guys have been really helpful!
  27. Add the fans, it be really useful !

    Those temps are wayyy better !

    If it crashes, bump the vcore a little.

    Once occt is stable for lets say an hours, then now you have a stable machine able to last a long long time.

    If you want a 100% stable machine, go for a 10-20 hours of occt :) (Honnestly if it last 1 hour at 100% concidering you probably won't ever use over 75% of your processor it should be stable enough to do whatever you want)
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