Can't access partition or assign drive letters

My system crashed as I tried to remove the "online hd tv" virus.

I have a 500G harddrive that was split into 3 partitions, 2 small ones (C: & D:) and a large one (F:), with all my data in it.

I reinstalled windows 7 and only two partitions (C: & D:) are visible on "my computer". In disk management, a third partition (259.39G) is visible, but the volume is blank, the file system is blank as well and shows the space as 100% free, the only option available is "delete volume" all other options are greyed out.
There's also another (210.68G) that shows as unallocated. All of these appear under disk 0 and drive size under disk 0 now reads as 607.03G
I've tried using diskpart in command promt,, but nothing has changed.

How can I fix this without losing my data?
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  1. You can try to recover the partition.
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