Nvidia 8400gs or ati hd4350 for HD video playback on a pcie1.0 slot???

I have a old computer with a intel 2.6 HT processor and 1.5gb ddr1 ram and a pcie 1.0 slot. so i wanted to buy a graphics card that will play high definition vids very smoothly and it should also offload the cpu. i was thinking of ati radeon 4350 or the nvidia 8400gs pcie2.0 but i dont know if it will work with my pcie1.0 slot as it is smaller in size...im sorry im a amatuer in this stuff...also can anyone name a few graphics card for me to play HD stuff very smoothly and will the above config suffice to play HD movies...thanks in advance
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  1. either will work but the HD4350 is easier to set up with its HDMI video/audio port. The Nvidia 8400GS needs you to set up a SPDIF cable to your mobo.
  2. HD 4350 is better than the 8400gs and will be great for watching HD movies an a little gaming too at lower resolutions....so go for the HD4350 it's good.
  3. thanks for the quick reply guys...but i have a pcie x1 slot (i know its a old comp) so will the pcie 2.0 card of hd4350 go in it....again im sorry for my ignorance i dont know much about pcie slots...
  4. a PCI-E 2.0 card will work fine in a PCI-E 1.0 x16 slot
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