Missing partition after windows 7 reinstall, Help!

My system crashed as I tried to remove the "online hd tv" virus.

I have a 500G harddrive that was split into 3 partitions, 2 small ones (C & D) and a large one (F), with all my data in it.

I reinstalled windows 7 and only two partitions (C & D) are visible on "my computer". In disk management, a third partition (259.39G) is visible, but the volume is blank, the file system is blank as well and shows the space as 100% free, the only option available is "delete volume" all other options are greyed out.
There's also another (210.68G) that shows as unallocated. All of these appear under Disk 0 and drive size under Disk 0 now reads as 607.03G
I've tried using diskpart in command promt, but nothing has changed.

How can I fix this without losing my data?
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  1. Install partitionguru and see if anything can be backed up before formatting it.
    If it displays nothing format the empty space and hope that you can still recover your files. Although after formatting it is unlikely.
  2. Don't write ANYTHING to your drive. That means don't initialise it, don't format it, don't allocate any new partitions.

    IMHO, the best approach is to remain calm and carefully examine the damage. To this end I would use a disc editor in readonly mode. I would start by looking at sector 0. That's where the partition table is located.

    DMDE (DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery):

    In DMDE you would select your physical drive, exit from the Partitions window, navigate to sector 0 and select Mode -> Hexadecimal.
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