Please Help, Intel core i3 540 processors graphics ??

I'm using a intel core i3 540 processor with asus H55 motherboard, and while running games like crysis on it i get a frame rate of 15-20 fps. I want to knw that if i purchase a graphic card (be 9400gs /gt ) will the graphic card and GPU on motherboard perform together or seperately, i knw it will perform indivigually in the case of other processors but intel core i3 540 processors have got inbuilt intel HD graphics. So is the case same or different...
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  1. The 9400 is not much better than the Intel graphics, for that game you need a more powerful video card. You can't use both graphics at the same time. What's your budget for the video card?
  2. Sumthing around 90-100 $..
  3. If you live in the US, then the ATI HD 5670 512MB is in your price range.
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