My computer doenst shut down

Ok, I made a small upgrade to my computer, changed motherboard, cpu, videocard and RAM. Before, everythign was fine, I was used to shut down the computer by using start-shutdown-YES

After the upgrade, when I try to shut down, Windows does log off, the videocard stops emiting image, and it seems like its turning off, but power keeps running and lights on the case are stil on. I have to physically hold the power button to effectively shut down the PC. I am 100% sure that when going trough the start menu in order to shut down the computer, I select "shut down" and not "hibernate" or "sleep"

Since I upgraded my motherboard but did not upgraded the PSU, Im wodnering if its a motherboard compatibility issue or if its a PSU problem. Any toughts?
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  1. So you built a new PC using your old case, psu, and drives :) You haven't told us what the specific configuration is, nor which Windows you are using. So at this point anything is a possible cause.

    Did you use on old "Brand Name" PC case and psu? Like an old Dell, etc?

    Did you reinstall the OS or just plop your old disk drive in there?

    DId you make any changes to BIOS?
  2. try repair your OS
  3. Sorry for the lack of irformation, Im using Windows Vsita 32 bit home premium. My complete configuration is

    Intel q6600
    Asus P5Ql-E
    4GB RAM
    Thermaltake 750W
    Raidmax case

    Actually, I upgraded the HDs as well. It was a clean install on a SSD intel x-25m 80GB. And added 1TB drives for media.

    Regarding case and PSU, they are the same as in my previows system, wich was Pentium4

    Regarding BIOS, this was a clean install, my last board was a gigabyte, so I did went into BIOS and checked everything needed.

    Im not sure if its a Windows problem, but I will soon intall a dual-boot and repair the vista install, I just dont have the time to do it right away becasue of work.
  4. Sounds good, though I would fix the shutdown problem before complciating things with dual boot. But that's just me :)
  5. just check the power connections to all drives and board from PSU and make sure that your SSD is running or off when u shut down the pc,if u r ssd is in running after u shutdown then u can call u r service men to re-built the rig u r problem will disappear. Or if u sure that connections are correct and no need to re-built then go to services check one by one programs that what are running in background try this only when u have complete knowledge on boot settings ;)
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