Required Help On Best UPS.

Hi All,

I need a help on UPS and following are the things which will be connected to UPS in case of power failure,

1. Desktop PC.

2. HP Deskjet F735 All In One Priner.

3. Logitech Z 2300 2.1 Channel speaker system.

Following are the configuration of My PC which may help you to suggest Me a best in quality and durable UPS.

Lenovo 3000 H Series.
Intel Core 2 Duo E 4400 @ 2 Ghz.
2 Hard Disk 180 GB each.
4 GB DDR2 RAM 2 sticks.
6 USB Ports.
Power supply unit 550w Corsair 550 VX
Auzentech Forte Sound Card
AMD Radeon HD 5830 Graphic card

Kindly suggest Me a best, reliable and durable UPS which atleast last upto 30 mins.

Thnaks in Advance for your kind suggestions.
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  1. Hi,

    Anonymous1 thanks a lot for your kind reply and Wishing You A Very Mery Christmas.

    I live in Mumbai, India. Power source is unreliable and can not take chance on that. At present budget is tight but if somethihg is their worth while spending money then I may think on it.

    Please suggest Me some UPS even if it last upto 15 mins. I will search that brand in Mumbai, India.

    Thanks a Lot.

    anonymous1 said:
    Is money no object? I have a 750watt UPS. I have my computer, monitor, router,cable modem hooked up. I do not have my printer hooked up if the power fails I can print later. I only get about 15 minutes on battery power. That would be enought for me to finish what I am doing and power down safely. My UPS cost about $100.00 US where do you live? is the power source unrelible?
  2. anonymous1 said:
    I use a APC UPS. I am sure that other brands are also good.

    Hi anonymous1,

    Brand which you suggested is available in India and I have selected,

    APC Back-UPS, 865 Watts / 1500 VA,Input 230V / Output 230V, Interface Port USB, Extended runtime model, Rack Height 2 U

    Includes: CD with software, Cord management straps, Free trial of anti-virus : firewall : email privacy : system recovery and online backup software, USB cable, User Manual

    I hope this one is good and will serve My purpose taking into consideration My PC configuration.

    Please advise on this.
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