What are good brands for PSU's?

I've heard that Corsair is a great brand.What others would you recommend?
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  1. Antec and OCZ are some of the best ones too. Akasa is on the up and XIGMATEK is a good brand aswell. Hope this helps
  2. What about Thermaltake?
  3. For me it's this order:

    Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, Antec, Enermax,
  4. I choose Silverstone
  5. Silverstone is good to
  6. My list
    Seasonic, Corsair, XFX(Designed and built by Seasonic), and Antec for the best ones, there are exceptional units from other brands as well, and there are some let downs from these brands too, like the older Antec Basiqs, so always check for a review.
  7. Select Corsair.. They have a wide variety of PSU's covering every possible wattage range.. To top it up, none of the units produced by them have ever got any negative feedback, be it from reviewers or users.. Build quality and performance are both top notch.. Availability, warranty and good customer support are liking icing on the already beautiful cake..
  8. If you think you find one you like, look for a review of it. Jonnyguru, Hardocp, Anandtech, and that other one I can't remember but has like 10+ pages are good review sites. Read the review and find out who ACTUALLY made the PSU. Most PSUs sold are made by a few companies. If whoever made it is Seasonic, Enermax, CWT/Channel Well Technologies, or Delta your ok. If it was made by Deer, run for the hills.

    While you're there you might as well read the review. (or skip to the end and make sure it gets a passing grade.)
  9. seasonic make most corsair and many antec models. All 3 are good choices that you cant really go wrong with. But, as above, check a review at Hardwaresecrets or Jonnyguru
  10. The best is Seasonic.

    They also make some PSUs for the following brands:

    XFX (all of them)
    PC Power & Cooling
  11. Crowe, remember that Corsair has switched some of theirs over to CWT. Delta now makes many of Antec's PSUs as well. Seasonic used to make many of the best of them, but there are others out now.
  12. Quote:
    Yeah and they always guarantee efficiency at 50 degrees on their psu.

    That has changed on some of their newer models like the one (430CX) that replaced the 400CX.
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