Is it my Motherboard?

OK, here's the problem. I put together a new system which includes:
ASRock 880g-LE (intergrated video) motherboard
AMD PII x2 545
G.Skill DDR3 PC-1600 2x2GB
OCZ modxstream 600watt
Win7 Ultimate
Now my system boots up correctly randomly. What I mean is when I hit the power button (cold boot) it's a hit or miss to boot into windows. But once I'm in it's ok. Run fine with no problems, 4hrs of prime. I also tested the memory with memtest86+ no error after 4hrs. when i reboot and hit "x" to unlock the other two cores it boots into windows fine. I stress with prime 1nce again for 4hrs and no errors. I can reboot as many times as I want and it will load into windows fine. But 1nce I shut down and come back in an hour it won't boot into windows at all and I have to go into the bios to set it to default just to get to windows again. My question is: Is it my motherboard? I think it is but not qite sure. What do you guys think. O yea this is my 2nd cpu the 1st didn't unlock and wasn't stable as a X2 "DOA". The PSU is the same PSU I've been using for the past 2 years. :fou: :heink:
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  1. Maybe it is your X2 letting you know why it was sold as an X2. If you leave it as an X2 does this happen.
  2. Only when I reboot its OK, as a "X2". A cold boot its hit or miss, as a "X2". The CPU when tested with prime for 4hrs gives no errors as an X2 and X4. It's just cold boots problems.
  3. Probably motherboard but possibly PSU.
  4. I too agree with Rolli here.. It could possibly be the PSU..
  5. Thanks guys ill RMA it and ill check back with a reply if that was it.
  6. Run SpinRite to rule out Hard Drive R/W errors. A lot of times bad sectors will cause this behavior.
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