ASUS GF 240GT 1GB DDR5 review

Hi folks, I'm thinking buying an ASUS GF 240GT 1GB DDR5. What do you guys think about this card?
Is it much better than my Palit 9800GT 512Mb DDR3? I'm a bit confused... if i choose to stay with mine or go for the 240 GT. :??:
I think the 6-pin connector are a great disadvantage, and the clocks are a bit lower than my card.
What would i do... ? ;)
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  1. Your current card is better then a GT240, by a fairly large margin.....
  2. the GT240 is more in-line with the ATI 9600GT in terms of performance. stick with your 9800GT
  3. Thanks to all.
    But how is that possible to be better than mine.. :??: 1GB , DDR5, it should be better... i don't understand!
  4. RAM is only one part of a video card
  5. You have a lot more factors in the power of the card then ram type and amount of ram alone.

    Think of this way, there are a few 768MB cards that outperform even some 2GB cards.

    E.G. The GTX 460 768MB is better then a 4890 2GB.
  6. If you are looking for an upgrade the minimum you should consider is something along the lines of an HD5770/HD4870/GTX 260.
    Here is an HD4870 for $100 after rebate if you are interested;
    It is about 50% faster than your 9800GT, just make sure your power supply can handle the card.
  7. And what about this one:
    I think it's better than mine, no?
  8. It is better than your card but not on the level of the HD4870 I linked. It's approximately halfway between the two. The HD4870 is more in line with a GTX 260 on the Nvidia side.
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