Motherboard & Ram, Help?

Hey, i was just wondering, im building a new system for the first time and id like to make sure i know if im getting the correct mobo and ram for my system.

Here is a list of the items im going to be putting into my system and ram and a motherboard that had already been suggested to me.

but someone had commented on it say that my am3 board will leave me at a dead end, so i was wondering if you were able to recommend me an am3+ board from and some ram that'll work well with it, my machine will be mainly for gaming.

Case: [...] 45-08300-3

PSU: [...] 45-06209-1

HDD: [...] he-hd103sj

mobo: [...] a87td-usb3

CPU: [...] 955fbgmbox


Dvd Drive: [...] d-5260s-0b

Heatsink: [...] 10-212p-gp

RAM: [...] 3m2a1600c9

Case Fans:

Your help would be much appreciated as this is my first time and i wouldnt want to go wrong anywhere, cheers :)
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  1. Since you have not informed your budget, I'll suggest some changes considering performance and a small increase in total price:
    - 8Gb of RAM, instead of 4Gb. Choose the cheapest from any good vendor, with no fancy heat sinks of names (Dragon, Vengeance etc.). Expensive RAM yields no gains. Usually Crucial is hard to beat in terms of value.
    - Change you AMD to an i5 2400, and change your mobo accordingly. If you don't want to go XFire, ideally you would get a nic Z68 board (Asus, Gigabyte, EVGA, AsRock etc.); if that's too much for you budget, a good H67 would do.

    It should be a bit more expensive, but will grant you a better experience.
  2. i dont mind swapping up to 8gbs of ram, unfortunately the i5 is out of my budget, but any recommendations on amd mobos would be appreciated.
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