Which external HDD?


I'am going to buy a 3tb external HDD. But I dont know which one to choose. So far i've got it down to 2:

• WDBAAU0030HBK-EESN Western Digital 3TB Elements 3.5" External Desktop Hard Drive
• STBV3000200 Seagate Expansion 3TB External Desktop Hard Drive

The HDD is going to be used for 2 tasks, backing my data & storing my multimedia collection. It's also going to be connected to my "Server" so its always on.

Which one should I buy?

As i don't know which on, I'll let the forum decide...
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  1. they are about the same. grab the cheaper one
  2. actually, they are more like regular desktop drives (from what i know the WD is the slower one) inside a box with a sata to usb adaptor
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