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Hey guys,

So I recently accepted a job offer, and I want to bring my desktop PC with me for gaming. What are my options for getting my computer there? I have a feeling that putting the tower inside my suit case probably isn't the best idea. I was going to ship it, but I may run into problems. I'm working 70km out of town on site for the oil sands. I may or may not have trouble actually getting that size of a package to the camp. Are there any reasonably priced metal travelling cases that I could use for my desktop PC? That way, I know it is safe, and I can easily check it in.

Thanks for your help guys. Been contemplating this for a bit. And for anyone who asks, I do not want to buy a laptop.
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  1. Good luck finding reasonably priced metal transit cases. If you do not have any size restrictions, I suggest using the original box the computer came in, then putting that into a larger box surrounded by styrofoam peanuts.

    Pull the hard drives and hand carry them. Put an old CD into the optical drive to help load the head assembly.
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