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Hi All,

I have got a major problem which I hope you can help me with.

During the festive break I purchased a 3tb hard disk for backup purpose (connected via a docking station).

All was well and the data backed up when I started having problems with a USB Thumb Drive connected to the computer. I went into the drive manager and somehow managed to wipe the Hard Disk (I think I clicked covert to from MBR to GRP or the other way away) rather than the USB thumb drive.

So I was left with a drive which showed 2.7tb of raw data / space. I tried some data recovery software (recuva I believe) but nothing was coming up.

I then started to fiddle a bit, running check disk (CHKDSK) and performing a quick format so I could at least access the drive again.

Needless to say I have not been able to retrieve my data.

The other issue is at the time of my mishap windows 8 was in the process of encrypting the drive via bitlocker (I think it got to about 15%).

I think I had about 1.4tb of data on the drive and thus far the variety of data recovery software programs have run have found small amounts of data (I think the most was 12gb) but nothing like what should be on there.

Can anyone advise me what to do in terms of do I need to do anything to help data recovery software locate the files and secondly what software would be best for my predicament (I do not mind purchasing software costing $100 or less).

Thank you in advance for any help!

Kind Reagrds,

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  1. If you have to recover that data, you maybe have to find the professional to do the job. And don't try to use and write more data on the drive.
  2. It might be difficult considering you interrupted it during encryption, I have no idea what would happen if that process was interrupted in the way it was here, I cant imagine it is as simple as merely decrypting the parts that were encrypted, it is probably not a strictly sequential process. A professional would be your best option but as I said that may not even work.
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