GForce GTX VS QUADRO For HD Video Editing

Hi there,

I'm in the process of ordering a new pc for HD Video editing. My question is :

Do the cards speed up the rendering and exporting process from premier pro and after effects CS5? If so which cards is quicker the quadro fx card or the gforce card? Or is the speed determined by the CPU and amount of RAM?

I am looking for real time exporting of Mpeg Blu Ray files

I am thinking of buying the GTX480 over the more expensive (£400 more) FX 3800

please hep
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  1. Get the FX4800, The Adobe suite does not benefit from the Quadro drivers, though for MPE's CUDA support is very limited also.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but do either of the cards help speed up rendering and exporting
  3. Both do, but to a certain extent. As of now, the GPU is not going totally replace the CPU.

    What do you do other than Premier?
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