5.1 sound System 300 watts

hey guys i just got new 300 watt 5.1 sound system. I want to run my this through my computer. Im going to upgrade my sound card but what do i need to upgrade in order to power the three hundred watt system? Do i need to upgrade my power supply?
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  1. Your internal power supply unit is not going to power your speakers.. Thus, you do not require a PSU upgrade.. Make sure to connect your speakers directly to the wall to draw power and not from any UPS or any other mode of backup power.. Also, a sound card has no relationship or dependency on the speakers wattage rating..
  2. So do i have to buy a reciever for this all to work?
  3. Some of these topics really make me laugh...

    No you have to buy some brains, a blu ray player, a dvd player, a tv, and a reciever with 7.1 and coax compatability.
  4. well im building a HTCP so i dont need a blu ray player ( and by the way a dvd plays in a blu ray player).
  5. If you want to run it through the PC you need to cut some holes in the PC Chassis to fiddle the cables through! :D
  6. Do you mean that your speaker needs an amplifier which your sound card can't fire it up?
    Mind to tell what model and brand it is?
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