HELP! First time builder! New build with a JET ENGINE?

Hi Forum!

I am a big fan of this website and it really helped making my final decision for my first computer build. I assembled the computer and I tried playing SC2 and WoW on the highest possible settings. It looks awesome. I am really happy with my build, however during SC2, I notice the fans are spinning really fast and the sound coming from my computer sounds like a ‘jet engine’ that is about to take off. I am not sure what the problem is, most of my parts say 'silent', so I was hoping the final build will be 'silent' too. I was wondering if you can help me diagnosis my problem.

The following is the list of my build:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE
Mobo: MSI 870a-G54
RAM: G.Skill 4gb DDR3-1600 F3-12800 CL9D
Video Card: MSI N460GTX Cyclone
Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200 12 500GB Sata2
Optical Drive: Samsung SH-S223C 22x DvD writer
PSU: Corsair VX550W
Case: Coolermaster Elite 310

My case fan is directly connected to the PSU.

Reporting from AMD overdrive, my computer idle temp is 32 degrees and when a game is on it’s at 42 degrees.

Also, I'm not sure if I connected the stock cooling properly. How I installed the stock cooling does not match the pictures from the instructions provided. Although, the stock cooling seems to be "latched" on to the motherboard.

If required, I can provide more information, much appreciated!
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  1. I'm guessing most of this sound is coming from the graphic card fans. What are the temps on the GTX460?

    Your CPU Temps seems to be fine. Please use CoreTemp to find CPU Core temps.

    If the problems is the case fans, you could get a fan controller. If the temps are low on the GTX460 you should be able to use Rivatuner,etc to manually adjust fan speed.
  2. With a stock cooler/fan it may wind up the speed on the CPU fan and create that noise also.

    Make sure its not something simple like you plugged a case fan instead of the CPU fan into the CPU_FAN port on the motherboard.

    For the GTX 460 I would go to and download Overdrive. Its a polished derivative of Rivatuner that EVGA has made specifically for Nvidia cards (even if they arent EVGA brand).

    You might try getting a good, inexpensive CPU cooler like the Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus or even Kingwin 1264 and see if the larger fins and fan keep things quieter.
  3. Thanks for all the quick replies! I have been busy and have not had the chance to follow up on the forums.

    I monitored the graphics card with the rivatuner utility, and during playing my games the minimum temp is 27 degrees and the maximum is 54 degrees and an avg of 42 degrees.

    Should I alter the fan settings?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. 54' on a loaded gfx card is fine,
    could you maybe post a couple of pics showing the general setup, and in particular the cpu heatsink? (use photobucket or similar)
  5. Ok!, Pls see the photobucket link for a pic core temp readings and a pic of heatsink.

    If more information is required, pls ask.
  6. 1. Download OCCT and post temps for the CPU.

    2. The heatsink looks like it is seated properly.

    3. That fan on the CPU heatsink looks "cheap". Assuming you have a 80mm fan and that heatsink takes 80mm fans, you can try swapping out the fans and seeing if the problem gets fixed. You can usually find a good 80mm fans for less than $7.
  7. ^Bumps Shadow on the try new fan idea :)
    *P.S. measure fan before ordering new one, it may be 76mm, may be 80mm, best to know beforehand :)
    oh, and you can use direct img links from photobucket on here if you want to.
  8. Mr Pizza said:

    That's $30.....
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