ATI Radeon x1900xt 512mb Vs. Radeon HD 5450 1gb

i currently have the x1900xt and i like the card, it runs cod4 with really good grafics and fps. but i can get a HD 5450, is it much of a differnce of fps and perfomence. the HD 5450 looks sorta cheap. so please help me, thanks
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  1. The X1900XT is approximately a HD4670, or the HD5570, and either are FAR ahead of the 5450 in terms of performance.
  2. so your saying my 512mb card is better then the hd 5450 1gb card?
  3. Yup, and by quite a margin.
    For weak card like the 5450, 1GB Vram is just a marketing ploy to charge more.
  4. ok thanks alot then! if you can check out my other post. thanks.
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